A Captive Audience


by allengregory

December 15, 2020

In Lessons Learned, we discover the less-than-stellar beginnings of our intrepid hero, Flint Stryker. Flint is hardly a role model, as one of our Amazon readers so aptly pointed out, “Flint is not naturally noble, brave, or dedicated – and he really doesn’t see why he should put himself out…” Sad, but true, Flint is emblematic of the way many of us view the world around us. “I’m too ordinary, there’s nothing I can do, why should I bother?”

As the title implies, Flint learns a hard lesson that has deadly consequences for someone he loves. His unwillingness to make a commitment and make the difficult decision – to do the right thing could be something that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

A deadly threat, compounded by indecision, fearfulness, and the inability to make the tough choice is a deadly formula. Will Flint face up to the challenges he faces, or will he shirk his responsibility because it’s inconvenient? Moreover, how will his present actions affect his future, and the future of those around him?

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