Allen Gregory

Mystery/Thriller Author

Allen Gregory is a mystery/thriller author who has created a different kind of hero, an imperfect Everyman - Flint Stryker. The series includes "Lessons Learned" - the exciting first installment in the Flint Stryker Linchpin Thriller Series, and its dramatic follow-up, "Arctic Ambush".

As a former NASA rocket scientist, private detective, government security operative, and Chris Pine look-alike, Allen Gregory comes by the adventurous lifestyle quite naturally. Raised by parents who were both assassins-for-hire, Gregory spent most of his childhood on the run from the CIA, MI6, and Interpol, splitting time between locations in the U.S., Europe, and the Far East.

Seriously though, although none of that is true, don't hold it against him. His books are mystery/thrillers with lots of action, interesting characters, a dash of humor, and adventures that don't always feature perfect heroes that save the world with a paper clip and empty toilet paper roll.

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The Flint Stryker thriller series and the Linchpin Trifecta thriller series are available exclusively on Amazon - for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback versions. Audiobooks coming soon!