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The Labyrinth

Brisby Fortuna returns to his hometown in upstate North Carolina and into his late Grandfather's long-neglected Victorian home. He uncovers unsettling secrets that lead to one terrifying revelation after another. Dark dreams, horrifying visions, and strange visitors plague him, convincing him that only by confronting an unspeakable evil from the past can he peel away the frightening riddles from the present, and reveal a horrifying truth. 

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Flint Stryker Thriller Series

Written in a style reminiscent of pulp thrillers, the Flint Stryker Thriller series offers plenty of action, fast pacing, unique characters, and a dash of humor. Readers can enjoy each book as a standalone, but the series has an overriding story arch that will tie all the story elements together at the arc's conclusion.

Viral Violence

Flint Stryker's back! And for those of you who don't think it could get any worse - think again!

Society is teetering on a razor’s edge and the world is in an unprecedented state of upheaval. Millions are affected by a strange virus that has shut down America’s normal way of life and created a sense of panic and uncertainty never before seen in our society. People from all walks of life are being strangely affected, their personalities inexplicably altered, and driven to commit acts of extreme violence against each other.

You might think it's just a coincidence, but you'd be wrong! Flint uncovers a story involving organized crime, anarchists, a shadow government faction, mind control, and utilitarian bioethicists, all plotting a major takedown of civilized society. It's a rip-roaring thrill ride, and Flint Stryker is thrust into the middle of it all!

Hell's Handmaiden

You know it’s going to be a terrible week when an angry goddess has you in her sights.

An old adversary resurfaces, intent on creating worldwide chaos and financial ruin. What’s more, he’s determined to exact revenge on Flint.

A female cult leader seeks to re-make society in her image. Sowing seeds of hatred and bigotry, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a bloodbath. Unknown to her followers, she is asking for a greater sacrifice than they can ever imagine.

Drawn into a deadly game of hide-and-seek, Flint races against the clock to prevent an unspeakable horror. His only hope for survival is managing multiple threats at once... Lucky him.

Arctic Ambush

First missions can be a real killer.
Flint Stryker finds that the transformation from hardcore slacker to undercover operative is not an easy one. His training is designed to push him beyond his breaking point. It doesn’t help that a sadistic trainer with a grudge is determined to see him fail at every turn.

A fellow trainee named CJ instills in him the resolve to succeed and excel. Her faith in him has him determined to succeed against all odds–so Flint digs deep to prove his mettle to himself, and to her. Before long, an even greater challenge threatens to end his career before it even begins…

Stalked by an unknown assassin, Flint must use his wits to stay alive. Facing the unknown, he must somehow pass the ultimate test–survival.

Lessons Learned

Perennial party animal and hard-core slacker, Flint Stryker is a committed underachiever. He doesn’t even have what it takes to land a job at the DMV, much less a career in espionage. Adding insult to injury, his hot girlfriend has dumped him.

But in one mind-bending day, his world flips from the mundane to the deadly. A unique skill set has him on the radar of two unique organizations. He finds himself in a deadly tug of war for his services. His career choices are stark – will he serve good – or evil?

Flint must choose carefully, or his choice may wind up getting him killed - as well as someone he loves. 

Linchpin Trifecta Series

The Linchpin Trifecta Series comprises three novellas which tell the backstories of the Linchpin leadership team - Seven, Serafina Ferarri, and Dr. Morris Malloy.

Twice Fooled

Fool her once, shame on her. Fool her twice, you’re dead.

Serafina Ferrari has eliminated some of the most loathsome human predators in the world. Her objective is to balance the scales of justice when other methods fail. She and her lover and partner, Hercule Girard, snuffed out human vermin with a vengeance. They share an unwavering bond of trust. Or do they?

When she experiences several deadly close calls, her faith in Hercule wavers. Before long, she wonders if anything is as it seems.

If she can stay alive long enough to uncover the truth, perhaps she can answer the question - who’s fooling who?

Hijacking Hellfire

Death rains from the skies…

Radical Middle Eastern terrorists are poised to strike America. Hijack an American weapons satellite? Impossible! Or is it?

In this prequel to the Flint Stryker thriller series, an elite team responds to an imminent terror attack. The man known only as Seven and his squad must respond quickly to the threat. Millions could die at the hands of a rogue Iraqi scientist bent on revenge.

Leadership requires sacrifice... For some… the ultimate sacrifice.