by allengregory

October 5, 2020

BEFORE HE BECAME LINCHPIN’S ‘NUMERO UNO,’ Seven’s role at Linchpin was altogether different. Readers are dying to know more about the ‘gang of three’ that leads Linchpin. This exciting new series features a standalone book featuring the backstory of each of Linchpin’s three principals. The first of the three – Hijacking Hellfire focuses on Seven – the current leader of the organization, and details how he came to fill the role as chief.

“Hijacking Hellfire” is the thrilling story of the mission that changed the leadership structure of Linchpin, and altered Seven’s life forever! This dramatic backstory is a tale you won’t want to miss as a vengeful Iraqi scientist seeks to use America’s own weapons for its defense to make death rain from the skies against a helpless population! AVAILABLE OCTOBER 15th ON AMAZON FOR JUST .99!

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