by allengregory

November 16, 2020

The newest volume in the Linchpin Trifecta series launches today – Twice Fooled is the second book in the 3-book series and deals with the dramatic backstory of Serafina Ferarri. Don’t let our beautiful, one-eyed heroine fool you with her playful, innuendo-filled exchanges with Flint, she can be scary – very scary.

This fast-paced read gives you a glimpse of the other side of Ms. Ferarri, and reveals the details of a torrid relationship from her mysterious past. The skillset she brings to the table at Linchpin is formidable, and she has more than her share of blood on her hands.

Just in time for a fun holiday read, you can grab a copy of the latest adventure in the Flint Stryker universe for just .99 on Amazon! Grab a copy TODAY!

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