by allengregory

January 21, 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to the blog. My wife and I came down with COVID, so it’s taken a bit to get back to somewhat normal activities. At least I finally feel like my mind is clear enough to write passably (you may think otherwise). Our cases were milder than many we know, so even though it wasn’t much fun, we’re grateful.

At any rate, I’ve resumed work on the next Flint Stryker novel, and the third and final book in the Linchpin Trifecta series. I hope I’ll have Flint book #4 finished and off to the editor by the end of February (or sooner), and hopefully, the Linchpin book done by the end of March (or sooner). Keeping my fingers crossed.

If you’ve read one of the books, an honest review would be appreciated. Authors not only appreciate the feedback, but it also helps me do a better job of writing books that are more entertaining for my readers. Many thanks to all of you who have purchased books, and become Followers of Flint. It is much appreciated. Stay healthy!

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