by allengregory

July 15, 2020

The long wait is over! – “Lessons Learned” Book 1 in the Flint Stryker Thriller Series is now available for immediate download on Amazon! It’s the first in the series and I think you’ll really enjoy it! Flint is a bit of an outlier in the Action/Adventure genre, as his modus operandi includes screw-ups on a regular basis. But the real measure of success is how often you get back up after getting knocked down. Can Flint persevere? Or will he even attempt to?

Book 1 jumps right into the action, featuring an intriguing backstory, murder, kidnapping, a dash of humor, and Flint getting a job offer that’s likely to get him killed before the story even shifts into second gear. Add this all to a relationship with a dream girl that’s “complicated” at best, and you have the formula for an exciting read!

Pick up a copy of “Lessons Learned” TODAY – because Book #2, “Arctic Ambush” will be available for on August 5th, and you won’t want to miss the next installment in the Flint Stryker saga!

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