by allengregory

August 7, 2020

So if you had to pick a way to die, which way would it be? Of course, no one wants to die but work with me here, if you had to pick one way…

Most of us would probably pick “In a plush, comfortable bed with a full stomach, surrounded by loving family members, just having read my favorite Flint Stryker novel (see what I did there?)… etc., etc., etc.”

That’s probably the “Default Death Setting,” but it doesn’t always happen that way. As in most James Bond movies, in Thriller Novel World, death takes on some particularly gruesome and less idyllic scenarios.

For example, I can personally name several ways I do NOT want to die:

  1. Trapped in a burning building with no way out
  2. Trapped in a sinking ship with no life preservers or lifeboats
  3. In a cargo plane full of skunks spiraling towards a fiery crash
  4. Going off a cliff in a school bus full of clowns (Brrrr!)

In his relatively short career, Flint has managed to build a list of people who wish him harm and are intent on killing him in the most painful ways imaginable. One such nemesis, Tesar Arman, has taken overpowering offense to Flint’s refusal to cooperate with him. In Arman’s view, Flint’s death takes a backseat to his suffering.

An antagonist with a twisted world view and an inflated ego makes for a compelling story. Instant death seems like the most obvious answer to most of us, but it’s doling out the increased suffering that drives the villains.

Because that’s what happens when you piss bad guys off.

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